Example ConfigurationΒΆ

title: Example github-docs-index Output
footer: footer of the index document here; can be overridden via GITHUB_DOCS_FOOTER environment variable
subtitle: This is the subtitle I configured, which can be overridden via GITHUB_DOCS_SUBTITLE environment variable
  # this first one is implicitly github.com
  - token_env_var: SOME_GITHUB_TOKEN
    # if the "users" and "orgs" keys are not specified or are empty lists,
    # we default to looking at all Organizations that the GITHUB_TOKEN user
    # is a member of
    blacklist_repos: [two/puppet, three/chef]
    blacklist_orgs: [badOrg]
  - token_env_var: GITHUB_TOKEN
    users: [jantman]
  - url: https://ghe.example.com
    token_env_var: GHE_TOKEN
    orgs: [one, two, three]
  - url: https://ghe.other.com
    token_env_var: OTHER_GHE_TOKEN
    orgs: [one, four]
    users: [someone]
    whitelist_repos: [one/a, four/b, someone/c, someone/d]
ignore_forks: true
  - title: My Blog
    url: http://blog.jasonantman.com/
  - title: My Resume
    url: http://resume.jasonantman.com/
    description: source for this is at https://github.com/jantman/resume
  - title: Our Intranet
    url: https://intranet.example.com
  - title: Our ticketing system
    description: no idea why this is linked in a docs index
    url: https://tickets.example.com
  - title: Big Project
    description: some big project
    url: https://project.example.com
  - title: Important Repo
    url: https://ghe.other.com/four/reponame
# this is the order used to determine whether to show a repository in the list or not.
# if a repo doesn't meet any of these, it isn't shown. Otherwise, we use these in the order
# specified to determine if we show a repo, and if so, what we show about it
  - homepage # if present, use the Repository Homepage URL (at the top of the repo page, next to the description) as the link
  - github_pages # otherwise, if present, use the repo's GitHub Pages URL as the link
  - readme: 100 # for any repo with a README >= 100 bytes, link to the repo itself
  - description # for any repo with a description set, link to the repo itself
  - all # link to ALL repos, even if they don't have any of the above